Our Story

Cimpress is the world leader in design and print, and parent company to Vistaprint, Pixartprinting, National Pen and many other global leaders. While many of the Cimpress brands successfully cater to all types of small businesses, restaurant owners and operators have very unique problems surrounding the design and printing of their menus. In early 2016, a small team within Cimpress set out to build a solution that would solve for the three major problems with menu design and printing.

  • How could we provide award-winning menu design services at a price that every restaurant customer could afford?
  • How could we make the menu design and printing process as hands-free and convenient as possible for restaurant operators, who are often working around the clock in several different roles?
  • How could we deliver high-quality and inexpensive menu printing for our restaurant customers?

After extensive investment in time (and sweat), this team finally had a solution for all three problems, and Tasteful Menus was born. Now, for the first time, restaurant operators have a trusted partner for their menu design and printing needs that offers the quality and expertise of a boutique menu design agency at a fraction of the price.

Meet Our Team

Our team combines nearly 50 years of experience helping restaurants and other small businesses with their design and printing needs.

  • Zach

  • Jason

  • Max

  • Zied

  • Annette

  • Meg

  • Diane

  • Marco

  • Osi

  • Adria

  • Amanda

  • Ashley

  • Catherine R

  • Tyler

  • Michelle

  • Gary

  • Pallai

  • Catherine G

  • Jenna

  • Eugene

Join Us!

Are you talented, hard-working, and looking for a great opportunity to deliver great design and printing services to restaurants? We’re always interested in hearing from software developers, UX designers, visual designers, account managers, and others interested in joining an entrepreneurial and growing team. Feel free to reach out and let us know how you think you can help!